How To Make & Sell Personalized Geode Bath Bombs


get paid for making beauty products

I was looking around for alternative ways to earn money by making arty-crafty type things outside my normal realm of cartoon portraits when I stumbled across this video.

Not only do I think they look brilliant – number 1 requirement met – but I can imagine a LOT of demand for them.
I know ALL the females in my family would absolutely love to use one 🙂

And with the organic/natural beauty products industry seeing sales of $2 Billion per year, NOW seems a perfect time to get involved in it.

By stressing the fact that you only use organic, environmentally friendly ingredients you’ll be able to charge a premium price for products which are actually pretty cheap and simple to manufacture.

Supply your “geodes” in a pretty presentation box and this becomes especially true – presentation matters.

Let’s Personalize Them A Bit…

Because the cartoon portraits I normally sell are highly personalized (and priced accordingly) I automatically look for ways of making something more unique to the person buying it and in this case I think linking a particular geode to a person’s birth month is the way to go.

Let me explain:

Each month of the year is associated with a particular birth stone.
Birth stones are like star signs in that everybody has one.

So whatever birth stone corresponds to the person’s birthday – that’s what you make their bath bomb look like 🙂

For example my birthday is in January
Making my birth stone Garnet

So we make my bath bomb look as much like this as possible 🙂

Don’t you agree that makes a much better birthday gift than some randomly chosen (however nice they may be) toiletries?

Along the same lines as the presentation box we can increase the appeal by including a short explanation of how the particular mineral is the person’s birth stone along with its supposed properties (protection in the case of garnet) on a card that comes in the box with each “geode”.

You can find out all this information quite easily with a bit of googling around and once you’ve compiled the facts about 12 geodes that’s your research done.

Simply match each customer’s birth month to a geode and you’ll know which bath bomb to make and which facts card to include.

It’s little extra touches like this that raise YOUR bath bombs above everybody else’s, encouraging people to pay nearer to £10 than £3 or £4.

I’m seriously considering giving this a go myself – it’s different enough from drawing cartoon portraits to feel like a break even though I’ll still be earning money 😀


get paid for making beauty products


Geode Bath Bomb Ingredients & Making Equipment

I’ve listed the ingredients Natasha uses in her video so you don’t have to do it yourself.

I’ve also included links to Amazon in case you have trouble finding any of them close to where you live.
They’re just for convenience though – certainly not the only place you can buy them 😉


Epsom Salts

Coarse Sea Salt

Baking Soda

Rubbing Alcohol

Coconut Oil

Soap Colouring (food colouring would also be fine)

Citric Acid

Corn Starch (I think we call this cornflour in the UK)


Biodegradable Glitter

That’s all the stuff you’ll be putting in your bath bombs.
Here’s a list of the stuff you’ll need to actually turn your mixture into something beautiful…

Mixing Bowl (just in case you don’t already have one)

Spray Bottle (the rubbing alcohol I linked to comes in a spray bottle but if you’re using rubbing alcohol from elsewhere)

Bath Bomb Mould (Probably better than cutting the bottom off a drinks bottle)

Craft Knife (if you DO want to just cut up an old bottle)

So there you are…

Watch Natasha’s video a few times until you understand what you’re aiming for, give it a try and let me know how you get on 🙂

And if you think making and selling high end beauty products is a business you’d like to get more involved in, you can learn a lot more from The Handcrafters’ Companion.

It’s author, Jane has compiled:

  • 126 spa product recipes for you to use “as is” or adapt as you see fit…
  • Where to source raw materials, packaging & labels… (remember we said presentation matters)
  • Ways of promoting your fledgling business on a shoestring budget until you’re established and highly profitable
  • Lots and lots of other useful information

Like I said, I really think this could be a massive opportunity and who better to learn from than a lady who’s already spent years perfecting everything that’s gone into the 3rd edition of her book?

Click the image below to check out Jane’s book 🙂



I strongly advise you to make ALL your products feel like they were made specially for their end user.

Like the example I gave in this post – a “garnet geode bath bomb for January birthdays” rather than a “geode bath bomb”.

Spa products have a lot to do with luxury, pampering and relaxation and up to a certain point people actually want to pay more for them.

Like Rolex are selling something more than “a watch”, people buying these kinds of soaps aren’t motivated solely by getting clean 🙂