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The video👆 explains how this site grew from my own frustration trying to find a suitably "special" gift for my girlfriend's 30th birthday.

Because I started this whole journey in YOUR position of needing a special gift I never forget how important each cartoon is to the person ordering it.

So I'll never treat it as "just another picture" - I want you to be delighted with your purchase - and if you aren't I'll redraw your picture until you are or refund your money in full.

What IS a Cartoon Portrait❓

A Cartoon Portrait is a humorous drawing of a person - your victim in the nicest way possible.

They are mostly bought as "special gifts for special occasions".

I'll need a photo of the person's face you want featured.

I'll use this to make an honest drawing of their face - unlike other caricaturists I won't make fun of features like big ears, chin etc.

The face in your finished cartoon will look like the face in your photo.

The rest of the picture will be based on information you provide about the person's life.

It's also where the "cartoony" drawing comes in.

References to their work, family, hobbies, pets, favourite food, drink, sports team... will be included in your victim's cartoony body and the background.

Watch the Example Walk-through video👇


The price of your cartoon portrait depends on how many people feature in the picture and what format you choose to receive it.

In an attempt to be as inclusive as possible I've added several cheaper options to my original Framed, Hand-Drawn cartoon.

Simply click the picture which best fits YOUR taste and price range to be taken to the appropriate section of my website 😊

It's not unusual for people to club together and buy 1 great gift

rather than several "okay" ones

Got Questions❓

I'm more than happy to guide you to the right purchase for YOU

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